Freight Services

Inlet Express Services can handle freight requirements quickly and efficiently. With a payload of up to 14,000 lbs, our vessel is equipped to handle roll on and roll off loading as well as bulk freight. Our on deck crane, which extends to 20 ft, can handle up to 2500lbs.

We also deliver fuel or propane safely and economically. Our services can include pickup and delivery of purchases and we can handle your shipping and receiving needs. Our vessels are designed for multifunctional applications such as temporary staging for shore operations, diving, or even as a helicopter refueling/slinging platform.

Visit our gallery for examples of the vessel in operation. Please contact us directly at our offices or email us so we can design services to meet your specific needs.

Corporate Office

123 George Hills Way
Prince Rupert, V8J 1A3

Phone: 250-624- 8452

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